Monday, January 24, 2005

In Los Angeles, it can smell like Spring in January.

Little Houses
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It wasn't as relaxing a weekend as I'd hoped for, but I have a feeling that will be the case for a while. I spent much of Saturday and a bit of Sunday painting these little shelves to sell on the site. We think they'd be great for growing a little herb garden. I kept one for myself and can't decide which color to paint it. While I enjoy the actual painting well enough, my favorite part is picking out the colors (endless options!), opening the can, and swirling the paint around with the stir stick. I love that something can be totally transformed for only $14 a quart.

We officially booked our second wedding this weekend. (Well, nearly officially. Money's not in the bank yet.) I'm hugely excited about this as it feels even more "real" then the last one. We're charging enough that we won't have to eat any of the cost ourselves, we've got plenty of time to prepare, and we've got all the fancy stuff in line like a contract and a holding fee and such. Schmancy.

(I just read that last paragraph and realized it sounds as if I'd booked my OWN second wedding. Hee.)


Doug Worgul said...

Pretty. Kinda Sundance-ish.

this is me said...

Oh! I love those!! I cant wait to see everything you have!