Friday, January 21, 2005

Deep Breath

It's Friday, and I've not written one word of the book this week. That is going to make for a challenging weekend. In fact, I may not finish my pages at all. For some reason, I'm ok with this. It hasn't been an easy week. On Sunday, I got the stuff clobbered out of me and have been trying to recover emotionally from that, work has been hectic, and both of these things have left me feeling absolutely exhausted by the time I get home each night. So I'm going easy on myself, just for a bit.

I have a lot to get done this weekend: April and I are just tiny tweaks away from having the site ready to launch, but the tweaking will require some grunt work that I've been putting off. I also really, really want to take some time to just wander around and take some pictures. I've been dealing so much lately with pictures I've already taken (getting prints made, scanning them in for the website, etc.) that I've not had time to take any new ones, and I'm missing it. I've literally been dreaming about cameras. I've got my eye on a digital SLR that I want oh-so-badly. April & I want to switch over to shooting the weddings digitally, and this camera (the Nikon D70) would be perfect for that. It takes lovely pictures, and I know I could do wonders with it, but for now it has to just stay in my dreams. I'll make do with the trusty Nikons I already have for the wedding/portrait stuff, and my little bitty digital for playing around. Los Angeles has no shortage of cool things to photograph, which I think is really true of any place, and I plan to schedule time this weekend to take advantage of what's out there.

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Doug Worgul said...

Tweaking and pix, huh?. A fine agenda.