Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Out Of Place

On Monday night as I parked my car on the street behind my building, I noticed a large but young looking bird land on top of another car. Though I haven't seen a hawk in several years, I used to see them all the time when I was in college in Kansas. I was pretty sure, getting out of my car and walking slowly toward the bird, that I was looking at a baby hawk. It had the hooked beak of a hawk, the yellow legs (feathery at the top) of a hawk, and the squared tail feathers of a hawk. Most key, it had the same distinguished, determined face of other hawks I've seen.

At first I wished I had my camera, as is my first instinct whenever I see something out of the ordinary that affects me. But sometimes its better to just take in the moment as it is, and rely on your own eyes and memory to do the job. I followed him around as he flew from car to car and finally into a tree. I was so in awe of him that I wanted to see where he would go next, but was careful to keep my distance in case he was scared. He seemed so out of place in my neighborhood, among the pigeons and crows who hover on the wires, and I wondered if he felt as lost as he looked.

I hope not. I hope he knew where he was going, and that he's there now.


this is me said...

When Nick and I were in the U.P we saw a bald eagle, it was really really neat! I tried my best to get some pictures of it, but they didnt capture the bird nearly as well, you are right.

Zoanna said...

Enjoyed your post. Did you go to KU? Are you a Jayhawk fan? I'm glad you took in the moment as a witness. A shutterbug myself, I know the feeling of wanting to capture the image on film, but yet revere what can't adequately be conveyed with any medium.

LIH said...

Yep, I'm a Jayhawk!

Zoanna said...

All right! They're the second best team in America. And I don't mean statwise (cuz I have no clue).
Around my house I have to be a Terps fan, even though I'm a closet Jayhawk.