Monday, August 08, 2005

It's always shocking to me, whether I'm there as a guest or as the photographer, how fast weddings go by. So much build up for a day that passes so amazingly quickly. I asked April if she had regrets about anything on her wedding day, and her only one was that she wished they'd had more time to just soak it up and enjoy it as it was happening. I'm sure most couples feel the same way. I hope when I get married someday, I'm able to remember to breathe it in a bit.


Claire said...

Having just got through my sister's wedding I can completely agree with your comments. The day flew by in a flash. That photo is amazing natural

Anonymous said...

I agree. Tony and I got our wedding pictures back today, and I had almost no memory of most of the pictures being taken. Everything after the ceremony is a complete blur. Lots of happy memories--just very vague happy memories! Good thing we have pictures!


Zoanna said...

This is so common in American culture: the wedding blur in the bride's mind. Do you think there's anything we can do to shift from all-that-money-all-that-energy-for just a few hours into something that lasts a while?