Thursday, August 25, 2005

And Improved


A. and I have updated the photography site to include our latest wedding (you've seen a couple of the pictures in previous posts here). I'm really proud of how this one went, and excited to see what kind of response we get from potential clients who visit the site. Click on the title of this post if you'd like to take a look.

One thing that surprised me a little about the photographs from this wedding was realizing how much I still like film better than digital. My new digital camera, as dear as it is to me and as much as it has expanded my photographic horizons, still can't compare to the truly lovely quality that film produces.


Zoanna said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous shot. Wow, such feeling. Thank you for doing this kind of work. I truly love something above and beyond your garden variety wedding photos.
As for being a potential client, we can't ever part with our daughter. We might refer our son's future brides to you, though! Not that we don't love them, but there's something about a little girl. Her daddy can't watch "Wedding Story" on TV w/o wiping his eyes on a shirt sleeve.

Zoanna said...

Make that "sons' future brides," as in one bride for each of our three sons.

Doug Worgul said...

Dang. You guys are talented.

Danielle said...

Beautiful, I love your photography! Also your cute website (did you design it?) and the products you sell! I love your eye for detail. I love photography that's extreme close-ups, whic almost become abstract. I agree about the the digital vs. film thing though. Despite the fact I'm a graphic designer and digital photos make my life easier in many regards, if I'm going to get a print that's going to hang in my house, it's going to be film!

Zoanna said...

I agree about the film opinion. When other people are whipping out their 2 ounce digitals, there I am with my 3 pound Nikon. Embarrasses my kids (as most things do these days) but they share my delight whenever we pick up "real" pictures from the local developer.
Those extreme close-ups have such emotional pull on me!