Thursday, August 11, 2005



There's something so stirring about looking at old family photos. This one is of my grandpa and his cousin, probably from sometime in the 1940s. In it he looks so much like my cousin Bronson who died a few years ago. When I see this picture, it comforts me and makes me smile, and for a moment it allows me to imagine Bronson growing into a handsome old man just like my grandpa has.


Doug Worgul said...


this is me said...

Linds, this post made me cry. I too think it looks like Bronson. Weird to think that he will forever be 21 in our minds... which is the age I am now. Weird.

Thanks for this, I love you!

p.s. And you are right, our grandpa is handsome!

Danielle said...

I love old photographs! They turn sepia toned and seem to tell their own stories.

Zoanna said...

I enjoyed the comments above as much as the picture itself. I once showed a picture of my grandmother
to my three year old, who was born 8 years after she died. I said to him, "Honey, do you know who this is a picture of?" He looked up and smiled, "It's you, Mommy!" I gulped. In many ways, so many ways,yes, it's me.

LIH said...

Thanks for your comment, Zoanna. Put tears in my eyes!