Friday, February 11, 2005

Thanks for the effort, Fake SUV Guy.

Whenever I see someone crying in her car, which admittedly isn't often, I always make up a huge story about what might be causing the tears, thus entertaining myself for the remainder of my journey. And having been a frequent car weeper myself, I've often wondered what other people think when they see someone crying while driving. Last night I was on my way home, it was late, traffic was particularly awful, and my blood sugar was low. So I was doing this thing I do when I'm stressed where I rub my forehead as if shedding myself of a few eyebrow hairs might be just what I need. And right then a guy in a huge black Lexus SUV thing (although something that is a Lexus cannot really be a "sports utility" anything) shouted at me "Don't cry! It will be all right!" I burst out laughing because it figures that a time I'm NOT crying is when someone would chose to comment.

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Claire said...

Bless him - at least he made you laugh!

Just stumbled across your's really interesting will have to keep visiting!