Monday, February 14, 2005

My Darling Mom

On Friday at work, I was having a mad craving for this stuff that when I was growing up was called Dog Chow. It's basically Chex covered with chocolate, peanut butter and powered sugar, and it's really good, even if it lacks any sort of sophistication. I hadn't thought about it in years, but suddenly I couldn't get it out of my mind. When I got home that afternoon, there was a package from my mom. Inside, in addition to some conversation hearts and a little Valentine, was a huge bag of... Dog Chow! Okay, so it was a slightly different version made with white chocolate and more ingredients than just Chex, but it's the same concept. Mom read my mind before I even had the thought!

Here is her version. I highly recommend it if you're having a need for something hugely sweet and delightfully portable (I brought my bag to work today).


10 oz bag of mini pretzels
5 cups of Cherrios
5 cups of Corn Chex
2 cups of dry roasted peanuts
1 lb of plain m&ms
24 oz of white chocolate chips
3 tablespoons oil

Mix first 5 ingredients in a big bowl. Melt chips and oil in microwave 2 1/2 minutes, then stir and melt another 20 seconds. Pour over dry ingredients. Spread on wax paper and let cool. Break apart and store in airtight container.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yes!!!!!!How sweet it is.....and of course it is great for you on any day when you're SPECIAL......)MOM

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm! Sounds yummy! I wish I had some right now. Thanks for the recipe. You ARE special!

Grandma W.

this is me said...

We have the best mommy!

I shared mine with all my friends, since I gave up candy and chocolate for lent. But I had just a little anyways... :)