Saturday, February 26, 2005

lower case

proof of god
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feel the need to counteract the gloom of the last post. it's been a pretty day here. i dropped off a roll of film at the camera shop, and even though i'm not expecting much from it (had to shoot most of the pictures with a flash, which i hate) it will be fun to pick it up on mondayaftertwo. browsed around king's road bead shop for an hour. it's not my favorite bead place in los angeles as the men who run it are a bit creepy, but they have the prettiest stuff. i couldn't stop staring at the jade beads. they had them in a million different colors that looked good enough to eat and would make splendid earrings. managed to leave having only bought what i need to fix something of mine that i broke a few weeks ago. will go back and buy something for fun at another time. ate two chocolate chip cookies from the batch that my mom sent me. her cookies are still my favorite and i hadn't had any in a long time. found a tiny love note from my high school boyfriend that i'd tucked between the pages of my dictionary years and years ago. that's had me smiling for hours.


Doug Worgul said...

Nice prayer. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Your gorgeous flowers and caption "Proof of God" reminds me of the first song I leaned as a child. 'Oh who can make flower, I'm sure I can't, can you? Oh who can make a flower, no one but God 'tis true." An exquisite picture!