Tuesday, February 01, 2005

If I could make this title have sound, that would be best.

Given the choice of seeing a brilliant movie scene (for example, the moment in ALMOST FAMOUS when Patrick Fugit thinks he's introducing Kate Hudson and Billy Crudup for the first time, and Kate gets tears in her eyes when she shakes Billy's hand), reading a brilliant passage in a book (see last post), or hearing a brilliant piece of music (There's a particular part of a song called "Halfway" by the Actual Tigers that springs to mind -- out of this world piano -- but I am probably the only person who knows what I'm talking about in that specific case. Wish I could attach the clip of music here.), which would you choose?

It's incredibly hard for me to decide an order because every time I've been really moved by any one of these things, I can't imagine, right that second, how any other medium could be as effective as what I'm experiencing. But if I were forced to pick (and I'd be very curious to know what kind of scenario would involve me being FORCED to do such a thing), it would probably be music, then something written, then something from a movie. If I was going just by how many times one type of thing has made me emotional, it would be written stuff, hands down, no question. But whenever I get all worked up about something I've read, I always know exactly what emotion has been evoked. It's very clear to me. Music, on the other hand, quite often has the ability to do something that very few other things can (and right now I can't think of anything at all, but am enjoying trying) which is cause a pure swell of undefined emotion. I dig that.

Anyway. Weigh in, if you'd like.


Anonymous said...

Music is playing all over my head.......over and over and over again,hear the music...yeah.........

Doug Worgul said...

1. Writing
2. Music
3. Writing

But I still like music better.

Anonymous said...

Music, definitely!Often, when the choir has a particularly beautiful number on a Sunday morning, I say, "Thank you, Lord, for the gift of music!" Then there is Vivaldi's "Four Seasons".Can't be beat. I could name so many!