Tuesday, May 23, 2006

25 Days: Bridesmaids Bite The Dust


I had two of my seven bridesmaids drop out of the wedding last night. I saw both coming. The first one I knew may happen because she'd been kind enough to give me the heads up months ago that her new, exciting, top secret job might be calling her away for training sometime around the beginning of June, and they have. The other I knew about in the same way you know a guy you've just started dating isn't really interested -- vague, non-committal, distant behaviour. Except she's not a guy I just started dating, she's a friend of over a dozen years, so I'm sort of... irked.

It's interesting to me how weddings tend to bring certain things to a head. You'd think planning a wedding would really only have an effect on the couple getting married. But this whole experience has given me far greater insight into the people in my life than it has englightened me about myself. I already knew I was a stress case.

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Zoanna said...

That is terrible of "friend" (bridesmaid) #2 that you mentioned. Hasn't she already paid for the dress, or did you shell out the $$? I had a "friend" who promised to make my cake as a gift--a cake for 125 people. Guess who couldn't be found 2 weeks or 2 days before the wedding? My REAL friend (a bridesmaid) bailed me out by paying for a storebought bakery wedding cake the day before the wedding--when I was flat out of money from the budget my folks gave me. I am sorry.