Wednesday, May 24, 2006

24 Days

We've shot quite a few weddings now for friends of friends, but this weekend will be the first one for actual, no degrees of separation friends. They hired A. & I when they first got engaged, when we'd only shot one or two other weddings. I'm always so honored when someone chooses us as their photographer, even more so now that I've planned by own wedding. I know not everyone cares as much about photography as I do, but I do think that everyone cares about their wedding as much as I care about mine, and it makes me really happy to get to record that day for people, to capture an important part of their history.

I wish I had the brain power to write about this (or anything!) more eloquently right now, but my mind has already switched over to photographer mode, an entirely different kind of poetry.


Doug Worgul said...

...a different kind of poetry...


anne said...

I found your blog through a link on someone elses. We have a simular least the Monday part. Cupcakes sound yummy though...whereas I named my blog olives on a monday, because of my dislike for them both, but wish that I did.
I have just briefly looked over your blog, and LOVE your photography. I love photography, though I am not that good at it (YET!)I am working on it! I wish you could have done my wedding!!! I had someone 'offer" to do our photos...a family friend who is a professional...or so I thought. He did a horrible job! Ah well, I cherish the good ones I do have! Looking forward to getting you know you!