Thursday, September 01, 2005

Smoke Meat

If you're not already, you should be reading the story my dad is writing online. There's a lot of catching up to do for new readers, but it's well worth it. The latest chapter puts me at a loss for words.


Claire said...

I'm going to save the link and go have a look when I'm moved and settled!

Zoanna said...

Your dad's a good writer.

Thanks for praying for my little boy. He's doing great. Wants to ride his Big Wheel on the deck and do other not-so-hot-idea post-op activities. He say's "Hernie doesn't hurt."

Hey, I love the shot of the couple almost ready to kiss. Tell me, was that candid or posed to look candid. I can just imagine their future six-year-old grandson one day saying, "Wow, MomMom and PopPop sure loved to kiss each other. That's gross!" Ain't love a beautiful thang?

LIH said...

Well, it was sort of candid and sort of not. They knew I was taking pictures of them, but they didn't know I was taking one RIGHT THEN. So a little of both. It was a sweet moment, I thought. They'd only been married about eight minutes by that point.

Zoanna said...

I love it! Did you get one of them licking cake off their lips --you know, an extreme close up that we all love? You so inspired me that I took my 35 mm outside and got REALLY close to a Painted Lady butterfly on my butterfly bush--one from the underside, one from the top. I also got some really really close-ups of Joel riding his Big Wheel. When he's concentrating, he curls his tongue. That's what I was zooming in on. He also posed on his belly while I took shots of the soles of his barefeet, big toes barely overlapped.I took one of my eldest son (17) who is a real stinker whenever I pull out a camera. I got one of him nose-to-nose w/ our Golden retriever. Thanks for your inspiration and Daniele, my friend and fellow blogger.