Thursday, September 15, 2005

This Day

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The man whose office is next to my cubicle often speaks a different language, but I don't know which one.

I wish that oranges were able to be eaten as delicately and easily as apples.

I've been alone a lot this week, and was supposed to accomplish many things, things like writing twenty pages and making something with the Gocco and picking out recipes for the next month from my sadly underused cookbooks.

Instead I accomplished very little. I'd like to say that I spent my (not accomplishing stuff) time frolicking joyfully and relaxing fully and giving myself pore cleansing facials so I would feel pretty and girly.

But no. I slept.


Doug Worgul said...

Though the time was not wasted; you wrote this.

this is me said...

Sometimes sleep is the most healing thing. Sometimes you just need to ... sleep. And lets not kid ourselves Z, sleep has always been your favorite thing. :)

Danielle said...

Well sometimes you just need it! It can be the best thing for you, don't feel guilty about it (easier said then done, though, I know).

Zoanna said...

I hate listening to people eat apples. I love to hear horses do it, though. As for eating oranges delicately, ain't no way. There's nothing quite like sitting all by yourself at the kitchen table with about 3 quartered oranges, sucking the sweet,sticky juice right out of the fruit and then chomping a little bit of rind and not bothering to wipe the juice off your chin. Licking it off with your tongue is so much more pleasurable.

I say every guy and girl who are thinking of getting married needs to go on a date where they both have to eat a meal of spaghetti, apples and oranges in a small room together. If they can stand it, they should get married. If not, they should discuss at length what bothers them about their loved one's eating. It's a most intimate exercise. If they can talk freely about it, giving and taking criticism with grace, they are meant to be together. If not, they should get a horse and avoid Italian restaurants.