Monday, September 19, 2005

Autumn, here.

i do so love pink

Autumn here is like spring.
Easter colored things grow.
Rainboots arrive on store shelves and are swiftly scooped up.
The air smells of warm earth, about to burst.
There's a chill, but it feels less like the end of something and more like the beginning.


Anonymous said...

That's probably very beautiful, but I'll bet it can't compare to autumn in Michigan! There's just nothing like it.


LIH said...

It doesn't even come CLOSE to autumn in Michigan. They are worlds apart, and I would take fall in Michigan over fall in Los Angeles any day. It's my favorite season there, and I miss it more and more each year that I'm away from it.

Doug Worgul said...

"...Easter colored things..."

Glory said...

This is poetry, Lindsey.

this is me said...

I have to agree with Grandma, Fall in Mich is the best ... but then one day you just wake up and there is 5 feet of snow outside and its below zero. That however, is not the best.

Danielle said...

Beautiful! Autumn is my favorite season and I love the golden days and already leaves are starting to drop and slide all over the sidewalks as I walk to and from work.

Zoanna said...

Autumn in Maryland tops them both.

All the beauty without the bone-aching cold just behind it.