Wednesday, June 15, 2005

green clouds

i love it when the sky threatens to rain, even though i know it's all for show, and nothing will come of it.

as i was walking to the market just now, i saw a man probably not much older than me hopping across the street. he was wearing nothing but shorts. no shirt, no shoes. as he darted across the intersection, he babbled wildly to himself, and his pants slipped down a bit with each step. he jumped about as if the bottoms of his feet were on fire. ah well, i thought, at least he still knows when it's safe to cross.

it's a good idea, not going shopping when you're hungry, and running the risk of buying too much as a result. but if you've just eaten, and are stuffed to the gills, perhaps that's not the best time to go either.

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Doug Worgul said...

like haiku with commentary