Monday, June 27, 2005

Flailing About

, originally uploaded by sweetmondaygirl.

Some days (most days) I feel as though there is too much I want to do, and it overwhelms me to the point where I end up doing very little at all.

I'm such a bully to myself in that way.


this is me said...


I am the same way. I always make a "to-do" list to help me, but in the end it only stresses me out more. Such as today. My only day off all week, and I had loads to get done. So what did I do? Right, I went to the beach.

oh well.

Feisty said...

And here is more evidence of how alike we are. I couldn't have put it any better. And by the way, thank you for your offer to "talk depression." I'm going to take you up on it. When I get rid of this shyness. :)

Claire said...

I'm exactly the same...I then worry if I make myself less productive because of it! Great photo by the way!