Friday, April 29, 2005


lollipop, originally uploaded by sweetmondaygirl.

Time goes by so quickly.

This picture I took at the farmer's market a couple of weekends ago made me think of my sister, who used to love these huge lollipops (as well as huge jaw breakers) when she was little. She would lick them for a few minutes and then wrap them in tin foil until the next time she wanted them. Sometimes mom would give her some Tupperware to hold the half eaten jawbreaker, and it would roll around all sticky and spitty inside the plastic. Once on a trip to Florida to visit our grandparents, Corinn got a lolli that had Mickey Mouse on it and she was in heaven. The thing broke long before its time (and if I remember correctly I might have been partially responsible for its demise)and Corinn was devastated. We had to track another one down for her.

In a few weeks, C will be turning 21, and I am in disbelief.


Doug Worgul said...

THE SIX YEAR OLD GIRL with blond hair and rosy cheeks was quiet on the ride up to the hospital to see her new baby sister. Her father worried. Maybe she would be jealous of all the attention paid to the baby. Maybe she was scared. Then she sighed a big sigh and said. "I didn't know I could be this happy."

Anonymous said...

The love that you and Corinn have for one another is beautiful to see. It makes me happy to think about it! And I can't believe she will be 21 either.


this is me said...

Don't worry, candy for my 21st birthday is ok :)

I love you all.

Claire said...

What a beautifully memorable post! I feel like that a lot with my brother, I was 8 when he came along and find it scary to think how old and grown up he is now! I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating your sister's 21st!