Monday, April 04, 2005

Later we attempted to run through the field like Maria in The Sound Of Music.

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Last weekend, A & H & I went to Death Valley to see wildflowers. We'd heard they were blooming in greater abundance than they had in 100 years, due to the unusual amount of rain we've been getting. I think each of us had a vision of what this might look like, and none of us thought it would be a bunch of people hunched over daisies with their cameras glued to their eyes as if they'd never seen such a flower in their lives. All three of us having been raised in areas where flowers are common, we weren't overly impressed with the yellow, almost weedish blossoms. Add that to the miserable "campground" situation (a gravel parking lot with sites literally two feet apart)and I think we were all a bit confused about what we'd just done to ourselves. But we've gotten pretty good, as a little trio, at making the best out of bizarre or annoying situations. There was a moment of near defeat as we stood on our rocky "campsite," which was across the street from a Chevron. We quietly ate our sandwiches while standing in the shade of the Jeep, absorbing the mess of it all. Then we decided to make an adventure of things, abandoned our site without knowing if we'd find a place to camp that night, and headed off for what was literally the road less traveled, a 47 mile dirt trail that ended up leading us to a proper place to camp in the middle of no where, just us and the mountains and the eager yellow flowers (my pants got covered with pollen). It wasn't until we were sitting in our little camp chairs, eating our hot dogs, breathing the fresh air that we could really look around and see where we were. It was pretty awesome. Desert and flowers and mountains covered in snow. California has taken my breath away so many times. It's been an enormous blessing, and something I didn't expect when I moved to Los Angeles.

That night, curled up in the tent, all I could hear was the breeze blowing in one window and out the other. That alone was worth the drive.

That and the learning how to properly pee in the wilderness.


Aunt Jan said...

Lindsey, I love you so much. "Eager yellow flowers" and "properly pee" made my day.

Doug Worgul said...

Would it be a bad thing if my favorite of the photos in your Death Valley slide show was the "Bun Boy" shot?

LIH said...

Thanks, Aunt Jan :)

Dad -- It's my favorite, too. I couldn't believe that place was actually called that. What the heck??

Claire said...

Well despite your disappointment with the flowers sounds like you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome ending to your day!


Anonymous said...

Love that Picture and that is my girl out taking in the real Earth!!!!!!!!:)Lovemom

Ian said...

This past week I went home to Birmingham in England. It was good to be home. It rains in England. All the time. Not like these afternoon-length L.A. rains. It's constantly wet and grey and it feels most of the time like you're walking through clouds. The grass in green and luscious. When you walk across lawns the soil sinks a little beneath you. Underneath hedges there's whole forests of stinging nettles and dock leaves and diverse and vibrant-looking weeds. I miss England a lot.

But then, on the plane to LAX, just as I was contemplating how much I missed home, we flew over the Sierras, all vast and snow-peaked and impressive. They were utterly breathtaking.

So when you talk about how California can surprise you: yeah, that's so right. I can totally relate.