Monday, April 25, 2005

In Bloom

, originally uploaded by sweetmondaygirl.

This weekend I walked the majority of the places I went. Probably about 7 miles in all, maybe a bit more. It felt really good. I'm always surprised at how much is missed when driving in a car. There are so many things that must be experienced up close or will be lost altogether.

The roses in Los Angeles are amazing right now. It's possible to walk for block after block and smell nothing except their scent. Marvelous.


Anonymous said...

How gorgeous! This changes my preconceived ideas about L.A. Grandma

Anonymous said...

There is an oldie song from the 50's that comes to mind when I saw your beautiful,CA rose photo and can imagine it playing as you stroll along...Roses are red, my love, violets are blue...lalala,etc.

Jericho Joy said...

So beautiful!