Friday, February 17, 2006

Wedding Season

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Though I sometimes find it hard to believe I could possibly think about flowers, cakes and dresses with any greater frequency than I already do, starting tomorrow my life will revolve around weddings more than ever before. Besides the fact that my own wedding is exactly four months away, A & I will be photographing two weddings a month leading up June 17th.

For the most part, I am thrilled about this. Admittedly, it makes me a bit weary knowing that there will be thousands upon thousands of images of new marital bliss to sort through, all while piecing together the details of my own nuptuals. But this is an exciting time for our little company, and by the time June rolls around, we will have more than doubled our portfolio.

I'm terribly curious to see how it all turns out.


Doug Worgul said...

Way cool.

You guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I am excited for you and April! You must be getting some mighty good referrals. Just don't get wedding fatigue before June!


Anonymous said...

WAY to go, girls of the photolife!!!!Enjoy and get some good shots for all those newlyweds!Lovemom