Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Tuesday

In the elevator just now, a fellow passenger smelled like hospital. Interesting how that scent can cause such a pit in my stomach even though I haven't spent much time in hospitals at all.

I bought a new blush today. Pink and shiny, smells of sun tan oil and sand. I rubbed some of it on the back of my hand. It looks like a twelve year old's blush, a little too cheerful for its own good, but I guess in at least that one small way, I'm still like the little girl I was then, eager for pretty, optimistic things.

Though it's sunny now, it was rainy this morning and I wore my pink rain boots to work, and thought maybe it would be a good day.


Doug Worgul said...

...a little too cheerful for its own good...


So? Was it? A good day?

this is me said...

Ahh, so good with your words!
33 days until I sse you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How come ya wouldn't wear pink boots when ya were alittle girl or any boots for that matter:)Lovemom

Claire said...

Can you send some of the cheerful weather this way please?! Good to hear things are going well with you!