Monday, October 31, 2005

Stage Three, The Dress (Part One)


I will admit that I harbored a secret fear that I might be the one girl in all the world who doesn't really look good in wedding gowns. I don't know why I thought this might be, but it probably had something to do with the fact that I am so pale I practically glow, and thus white is simply not my color. However, after having finished my third successful dress hunting expedition with April this weekend, it turns out that my problem is not going to be having to pick which dress offends me the least, but rather which dress I love most. Because right now I love three, and deeply like a fourth, and I still have two more outtings planned during which it is completely possible that I may fall in love yet again.

I've been told that I should picture myself on That Day and go with what dress I can best imagine myself in. All well and good, except I can picture them all, and each one, at the moment I'm thinking of it, seems like the perfect choice.

I feel heartbroken when I think about having to dump any of them. Last night I had a dream that I went to try on the front runner for a second time, and found that it was no longer a dress, but rather a shiny white pantsuit (think Celine Dion). Once I got over being mortified, I was deeply relieved to have a good excuse to cut one choice away.


Shelley said...

I'm really pale myself too, and have often wondered whenever it comes to picking out a wedding dress if it would wash me out...just wish I had the problem though, of picking out a dress ;o)

Anonymous said...

You will look gorgeous and radiant in whatever dress you pick!
My sister-in-law, on the night before her wedding to my brother, dreamed that when she went to the closet to get her wedding dress, all that was there was a white tutu!


Anonymous said...

When you tried on wedding dresses here in TC,all 15 of them looked beautiful on you in all their shades of whited....You are right,,gonna be hard for ya to decide but how exciting that is,huh? Love, MOM

Claire said...

If it helps my sister had the same problem as you...then she walked into a store, tried on a dress and ordered it there and then!

It was the one that had me burst into tears when she walked out of the changing room where she just looked so perfect in it!

I'm sure you'll pick the right dress and look fantastic on the day!

Zoanna said...

Relax! Have you EVER seen a bride who didn't turn heads on her wedding day? You will be gorgeous.
There is a glow on a bride's face that makes her DRESS pale in comparison, not the other way around! Pick the dress that makes you lie awake nights thinking about. The one you love to touch while it's on, the one that makes you feel like a princess, the one you don't critique for its individual components, but the whole thing just looks made for you, for your day!