Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Stage One, In Which I Obsess Over A Barn and Someone To Take Pictures of Us in Fancy Clothes

With the exception of the first couple of blissful days, my eyelids have been doing that weird twitchy thing nearly nonstop for the two weeks I've been engaged. It appears even my eyelids are stressed out by Week One of wedding planning.

Every married friend or relative who has congratulated G. and I has dispensed the same piece of advice: Enjoy this time. On an emotional level, I am. I love the happiness I feel knowing I get to marry the guy who surprised me with breakfast at work this morning out of the blue (and with extra McDonald's monopoly pieces!). I don't love the feeling that if we don't act fast (like, five hours ago fast) we might lose our Perfect Location or our Perfect Photographer.

I will take everyone's advice. Yes, I will. I will enjoy this time. After those things have been done.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy this time NOW, Sweetie. You will not pass this way again.

How sweet about the breakfast at work!


Shelley said...

Well, I for one will not pass on that advice, as I couldn't tell you a thing about it...I'm still single.

However, it is a stressful time so remember to take some time for yourself where you don't have to worry about the plans, and just do nothing or hang out with some friends where the wedding won't have to be discussed for a couple of hours...

Danielle said...

I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Everyone said that to me too, but it was hard. The first week we were engaged I felt completely overwhelmed. Try to take time with your fiance when you don't have to talk about the planning and just enjoy being together. And it'll all be worth it, by the way.

I love the barn. I got married outside on my parent's farm complete with a rooster croaking in the background during the ceremony! (Not planned, hadn't even thought about that!)

Claire said...

Congratulations!!!!!! I can totally understand your need to get the important things sorted out, but make sure you do take the time because the closer it gets the more stressful it will be...but worth every second on the day!