Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Smattering

This morning I had a huge piece of cake for breakfast. White frosting. A lot of it.

My head has been spinning ever since.

I finished my latest chapter yesterday, so now I am ready to polish it a bit and then send it to my dad. Will be strange to have eyes other than mine on it.

Researching Argentinian restaurants to have dinner at before going to see "Evita" on Saturday night, and coming up fairly short as far as a place that is not TOO pricey, but is pricey ENOUGH.

Discussing with A. that everything feels slightly off this week.

Discussing with M. that we've both got a good opportunity right now to use our clean relationship slates to our advantage.

Last night I walked up to Larchmont for some exercise and promptly bought myself an ice cream cone. Chocolate peanut butter. Loved every last bite. And every first bite, too.

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