Thursday, March 03, 2005

Happy, Healthy Monsters

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Boredom is dangerous.

This week at work has flown by. I've been training my new cubemate (Who is actually close to my age! Imagine that.) and doing some research on grad schools as well as stuff for Sweet Monday. So for once I haven't had too much time during the day to think about the grand scheme of my life, but have instead been consumed with practical issues, which I much prefer, at least right now.

Once I get home, however, it's a somewhat different story. I've too much time on my hands. There's no reason why I should -- I have two sets of cards to make that need to be mailed out by Monday and another chapter of the book to write. But boredom is a stubborn thing, and it can set in at any time. The result is a wandering mind and a tendency to over ponder. Not a good thing for a girl who already ponders enough for both herself and the next several dozen people.

(I took pictures of these flowers last weekend. They grow in front of the building next to mine, and I like them because none of them are too close together. They have very long stems and they grow in opposite directions from one another. A rather independent lot, these ones.)


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I still see ya pointing to the flowers I planted outside the back of the house on Elm STreet and saying your first real word...FLOWER>>>>>>>>>.)MOM