Thursday, July 21, 2005

And Then

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Several months ago, I happily canceled my memberships to a couple of book clubs that I'd signed up with years before. You know the ones -- the constant junk mail generators, the never ending "featured selections" to accept (yeah, right) or decline (always). When I finally wrote CANCEL in huge letters across my reply forms to these clubs, I felt a wave of relief rush over me. Gone was the constant pressure to buy books at barely discounted prices, usually by authors who write at what I consider to be a fifth grade reading level! Gone was the filling recycling bin after recycling bin with their "generous offers"! Gone was the fear of forgetting to decline my "selection" and therefore coming home from work to an ominous book-shaped box several weeks later!

Yesterday, I signed up again. With both of them. Hey, there are a lot of good books out right now! I HAD to.


Doug Worgul said...

Wonderful, wonderful photos on the last several posts, Kid. Truly.

Claire said...

I've done that...although now I just take a trip to Borders to prove that I can buy any of those books a lot cheaper just down the road!

pia said...

Tried cancelling my membership with a book club. Tried and tried and now they're ruining my "perfect" credit. Could pay, but stupid principles.

Rather pay the extra money at B&N

LIH said...

Pia, I still definitely prefer B&N any day. I'm just a sucker for the 99 cent books. One day I'll learn my lesson!