Wednesday, May 25, 2005

25,000 or thereabout

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I'm having another okaynowwhathappensnext moment with the book. Finally finished up the Sally Bishop story, and the next chapter needs to return to the primary story, but I'm stuck. Although I think I know how I want things to end (many, many pages from now), I am not quite sure how to get there. Second act is always hardest, and I'm still in the first. This is an overwhelming feeling for me. I always think there's no way I'll figure out which direction things should go, but so far I've always become unstuck without too much time in limbo. I hope this week will be the same.

Also, here is something I am learning:

When it's time to write, I am a brilliant procrastinator, and suddenly can find many new things that need to be cleaned or organized or fussed over. Anything besides The Page At Hand.

But when it's REALLY time to write, I'm there, and I do it.

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Claire said...

I think that's a definate problem with anything you love, I'm the same with music I often tell myself that I should be practicing or writing that song I thought about but manage to find 101 distractions. When it's time to really settle down and get the work done though I do and I do it sure you'll get the answers for part 2 of the book and that it'll be fantastic.