Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fly Me To The 'Moon, Part Two: Firenze

Amazing things about Florence:

Our hotel. I could write pages singing its praises. But I'll stick with saying that there was breakfast in bed every morning, champagne when we arrived, and a welcome package with spaghetti and sauce!

Walking through the quiet backstreets and stumbling upon a wonderful little art shop selling beautiful dainty etchings that were being made as we browsed around. We bought two.

The food. Oh goodness, the food.

The fact that I was a little in awe of the place, and therefore didn't take all that many photos. Most of the time, I wanted to see it with my eyes rather than the lens.

To see a few Florence photos:


Jessica said...

just gorgeous-I cannot wait to go!

I wish we had known about your hotel..breakfast in bed just sounds devine. Where can you get that anymore?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, as usual. Sometime you'll have to tell us about the food.


MCRBride said...

I'd love to know what hotel.
I'm booking my honeymoon in Florence and Rome :)

Lindsey said...

mcrbride - happy to help! the hotel was the lungarno. it was pricey, but absolutely worth it. just a wonderful experience all around!

have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon! congratulations!