Monday, June 05, 2006

12 Days: Other Honeymooners

When my grandparents were newlyweds, and only 19 years old, their house burnt to the ground. They lost everything, including their wedding and honeymoon photos. Several years ago, another couple who they spent part of their honeymoon with gave them some film negatives from that trip. The type of film used is no longer readily processed, so my grandma was unable to do anything with the negative. Recently she passed them along to me, and I've been working on getting prints made. The negs are in pretty bad shape, but I'm totally smitten by the photos nonetheless. Time has worn down the celluloid and given the images a surreal, romantic quality. Some of them give me chills. My grandparents look young but confident, and in the photographs I can see little fragments of the rest of their lives already etched on their faces.


Doug Worgul said...

"...little fragments of the rest of their lives..."

this is me said...

This brought tears to my eyes. We will be so lucky, to have what they have, in sixty years.
I love you!

Fela Cortes said...

Life is funny like sometimes find what you've desperately wanted when you've almost all but forgotten about it. Your grandparents are so beautiful. How lucky they are to have you. Enjoy YOUR honeymoon enough to last a lifetime. Also, did you ever find your umbrella - check through the blog for her suggestions about umbrellas.
Thanks for a beautiful blog!

Zoanna said...

Surreal and romantic. Exactly what I thought when I saw these pictures. Is it me or did 19 year olds looks more mature back then?