Friday, March 17, 2006

A Few Things


The time has come for me to accept that nothing which can be described as "mini" should be part of my wardrobe. I'm too old, too tall and too pale for it. That won't stop me from occasionally still trying on such mini things, and standing utterly shocked at myself under the harsh spray of dressing room lighting.

I would not call myself a fan of trail mix, but if I am given some, I will eat it with a ferocious love, a love that says "FINALLY, GEEZ, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, TRAIL MIX?" And then hours later promptly go back to forgetting that I like it at all.

Outside of my family, there is no one I know better than April, but I didn't know until a couple of weeks ago that she gets a pain between her pinky and ring finger on one hand when she is nervous. This has been happening to her for years.


Aunt Jan said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Tell April that I get that exact same thing, and NO ONE I know has ever understood. It's like an electric charge. April is my new favorite person.

LIH said...

Wow! That is crazy Aunt Jan! What in the world? We gotta figure out what causes that for you guys.

Doug Worgul said...

Perfect, Linz. Really.