Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Year

new year

I haven't been much in favor of resolutions the last couple of years. I think, for the most part, that it's not good to start a new year already feeling guilty and weighed down. But I LOVE thinking about goals for what lies ahead. In some ways, I already know this is going to be a good year. I'm going to photograph a bunch of weddings. I'm going to have a wedding of my own, something that still sometimes shocks me. After that, I'll be married to the coolest guy I know, and together we'll go see two countries I've wanted to see for as long as I can remember. 2006 is going to glow.

But I do have some ways in which I want to push myself. I want to learn to take better photographs, so that I impress myself more often. I want to finish the draft of my novel, which has taken a back seat to wedding planning and wedding shooting. I want to exercise more, not just so I'll have Bride Arms (although, I gotta have Bride Arms!) but also so I'll know I'm being as healthy as I can be going into this next part of my life. I want to cook more complicated recipes. I want to learn to bake a cake from scratch. And French, I want to learn some French. I want to find a way to make this blog meaningful to myself again, or drop it altogether. I want to write letters to my little sisters more often. I want to be a better friend and a better cat mom. I want to find the perfect umbrella for the wedding, in case it rains.

I'm so excited for each of these things that I feel lucky to even get to try them.

How will you push yourself this year?


Doug Worgul said...

You got the daughter thing down pat, so it's good you didn't have improvement in that area on the list.

this is me said...

To become more confident in my teaching. To get the "bridesmaid arms". To be a better cat mommy, nah....ha ha. To take more time for myself. To not worry what others think about me. To try and sit back and make things go slow...I feel life is going so fast in this stage.

Aunt Jan said...

Don't you dare drop this blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Jan said. I really miss it when you don't "blog" for awhile! I like alll your goals, but hope you never need to use that perfect umbrella!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!I love all your energetic goals for 2006!!!!!i KNOW you can do them all!!!It is in your genes:)..and your heart. Lovemom PS: Do try to keep your blog:)