Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Two Jars of Pickles and No One to Share Them With

I've got a bit of melancholy today. The boy left for Philadelphia this morning to work on a movie for the next four months. I'm ridiculously proud of him, but already feeling some lonliness. It's his fault for being so much fun to spend time with.

I'm planning, however, to channel any blueness that comes up into my writing. I've been so happy with my personal life for the past year that I've not been able to muster much of the angst that my stories seem to require. This should help with that, probably more then I want it to. We went to see this girl play at a bar the other night, and both she and the girl who played before her were really awesome writers/musicians. It got my wheels turning. There's a lot I want to put out there, and there's no reason I shouldn't be kicking ass creatively right now. I've no excuses, which is sort of scary for me. I love it.

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